SKALA spol. s.r.o, production and sale of plastic bags and foils

was established in January 1995 and is registered in Commercial register at Municipal court in Prague at the section C, part no.: 34 683.

At first the company was devoted to various activities in telecomuniation area. One of them was plastic production – producing plastic cover plates for telecommunication cables.

In the end of the year 2000 the company extended it‘s activities in the area of production a plastic products by overtaking and finally buying company SAPR s.r.o in Velký Osek where the company now produces hoses, semi hoses and girdles which are made of LD - PE, mainly produced from ‘regranulate‘. The monthly production is about 70 tuns.

The machine is REINFENHAUSER make and it is connected to another machine made by STEIGLER which welds bags. This additional machine‘s potentional industrial production capacity is almost three times higher than the capacity of the REINFENHAUSER machine. Currently we are offering production of hoses, semihoses, girdles made of LD – PE and plastic bags of various sizes.

The company is considering the idea of expanding the production of hoses, semihoses and girdles by purchasing another machine like REINFENHAUSER.

We are planning to expand the production by purchasing “role over“ type of welding machine for bags so the company will have the oportunity to offer the full range assortment of LD – PE products.

If all those plans and goals are going to be realized the company will need to have it‘s own source of ‘regranulate‘ so the another impotant step that will need to be taken due to creating a complete production cycle will be instalation of ‘regranulating assembly line‘.



We make foils made of the original and recycled materials:




































Hoses with folds









Flat base bags
Flat base with folds
Roled bags

We offer those products in all sizes, strengths and colours.

We also offer the stretching material for manual use and for machines. 

We provide our products to areas such as:

- building companies
products are used as: vapour barriers
separating foils
protective foils
for industrial vaste purposes

- gardening: patch covers
bags for soil
bags for bark

- wholesale businesses with packaging materials

- cleaning companies

- hospitals (for contagious outlets purposes)

Use of our prodcts in building industry

Our foils can be used anywhere where is neccesary to set apart various building materials or to prevent from humidity, dirt etc. Our product can also be used for construction or insulating materials and anywhere where the producer of various building systems suggest in his directions use of PVC foils.

Examples of using our products:

As a vapour barier – to prevent the humidity to escape from interior to engineering construction where the thermal insulation is build in. A typical example is the use of our product while reconstructing or refurbishing the attic areas when the vapour barrier would be used and placed under the SDK construction.

As separating isolation – where our product would serve to separate individual layers of floor consruction from thermal insulation and from supporting construction of the ceiling. The examples are heavy “floating floors“ or “selfnivelating“ floor coatings where there is a need for extra thermal isolation. Also when cementing and separating materials from coarse floor layer.

As protective foils – where the product is used for covering window cavities while internal and external plastering is being done. Other example of use of our product is while bricking up - using the blocks (Porotherm, Latherm etc.) or using the breeze blocks (Hebel, Ytong) when there is a need for protection.









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Václav Skála 777 032 202
Pavel Skála 777 032 204